LED lights save more money compared to CFLS?


Our 3W LED lights cost $120 and the 12W energy saving price is around $20. If you drive 8 hours a day, 12W energy saving lamps are 0.096 kwh per day, while 3W LED lamps are only 0.024 kwh per 8 hours, which means saving 0.072 kwh per day and 26.28 kwh per year. LED lamp cup life of more than 50,000 hours. Energy-saving lamps only have about 5,000 hours (only 10 per cent of products in China can achieve this). In comparison, a 12 watt CFL takes about 2 a year.

Types of ceiling lighting


Suspended ceilings are a very important part of home decoration. The use of richly designed ceilings can enhance visual appeal, make the top treatment personalized, and thus reflect a unique decorative style. The decoration of suspended ceilings certainly requires the decoration of various shapes of lighting, so what are the types of suspended ceiling lighting? How to choose ceiling lighting? Let me introduce you to the knowledge of ceiling lighting. Let's take a look together!

How to Clean and Maintain Ceiling Lighting in Daily Life


Ceiling lighting should also pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance process in daily use. Long term uncleanness and dust accumulation of lighting are certain, and the heat dissipation and luminous effects are greatly reduced, which also affects aesthetics. Lighting does not pay attention to maintenance, and aging of metal parts poses safety hazards, reducing the lifespan of lighting. So, how do you clean and maintain down lights, spotlights, and light strips? Next, let's learn about the cleaning and maintenance methods for ceiling lighting.

Method and steps for installing ceiling lighting fixtures


Nowadays, the design of ceiling lighting is becoming more and more beautiful, with beautiful decoration effects. However, if the lighting is not installed in place and some installation details are ignored, it will not only affect the aesthetics, but also bury safety hazards. So, how to install down lights, spotlights, and light strips? What are the precautions for installing hanging lights? Next, let's have a detailed understanding of the installation strategy for ceiling lighting

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