LED lights save more money compared to CFLS?

2023-10-09 14:30

Our 3W LED lights cost $120 and the 12W energy saving price is around $20.

If you drive 8 hours a day, 12W energy saving lamps are 0.096 kwh per day, while 3W LED lamps are only 0.024 kwh per 8 hours, which means saving 0.072 kwh per day and 26.28 kwh per year.

LED lamp cup life of more than 50,000 hours. Energy-saving lamps only have about 5,000 hours (only 10 per cent of products in China can achieve this). In comparison, a 12 watt CFL takes about 2 a year.

So a 3W LED cup saves 26.28 degrees * $1/degree + 2 * $20/lamp = $66.28 per year over a 12W CFL.

Using 8 hours a day, the LED cup recovers the cost in two years.The LED cup has a service life of more than 50,000 hours and can be used for about 10 years in China. In this case, we will get the next eight years of electricity and electricity costs.

Think about how much it costs to buy two 12W CFLs every year. Ordinary energy-saving lamps contain a lot of harmful heavy metals.

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