How to Clean and Maintain Ceiling Lighting in Daily Life

2023-10-10 15:23

Ceiling lighting should also pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance process in daily use. Long term uncleanness and dust accumulation of lighting are certain, and the heat dissipation and luminous effects are greatly reduced, which also affects aesthetics. Lighting does not pay attention to maintenance, and aging of metal parts poses safety hazards, reducing the lifespan of lighting. So, how do you clean and maintain down lights, spotlights, and light strips? Next, let's learn about the cleaning and maintenance methods for ceiling lighting.

Dismantling of downlight: Disconnect the leakage switch, remove the downlight bulb, and pull down the downlight forcefully to remove it
Downlight cleaning: Before cleaning, be sure to cut off the power and preferably wear gloves. When cleaning, you can add some edible vinegar to the water, soak the cloth in water, wring it dry, and then wipe the light bulb. The surrounding frame of the lamp can also be wiped with a wrung wet cloth, taking care not to get water onto the wire connector.
Downlight maintenance: During cleaning and maintenance, do not change the structure of the lamp, and try not to switch frequently when using the lamp. It should be avoided to use in humid environments. LED lights in bathrooms and bathrooms, as well as stove headlights in kitchens, should be equipped with moisture-proof lampshades. Chemical agents such as polishing powder should not be used arbitrarily on metal parts.

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