A Complete List of Types of Lighting Accessories

2023-10-10 15:18

Lighting is the eye of a home. Without lighting fixtures, it is like a person without eyes. A family without eyes can only live in darkness, so the position of lights in the home is crucial. In modern home decoration, lighting is not only an essential lighting tool for modern home life, but also a decorative language for space, which can make the home more charming and diverse.

1. Classification by Material
Ceramic lamp: It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, light absorption and heat absorption, and the lamp is very light. The lamp holders are mostly made of wood and are generally suitable for Chinese style. If furniture such as mahogany is used at home
The ceramic lamp has a good effect. Crystal lamps are mainly made of processed crystals, with glass, acrylic, metal, and other materials as the main arms. Although crystal lamps are gorgeous, their maintenance and upkeep costs are not low. Cloud stone lamps are made of imported marble from Spain. There are two types of imports, one is the importation of marble lamps, and the other is the processing and production of marble in China. The former is more expensive and can feel the unique thickness of natural stone.
Fabric lamp: In addition to design, the main value of fabric lamp lies in fabric. Due to the anodization treatment, the cloth on the lamp is resistant to high temperature and heat, ensuring safety. Traditional fabric lamps make people feel soft and warm
Lamps made of other materials, such as glass lamps, are crystal clear, but their fragile appearance is limited in design. Shell lamps and other materials place more emphasis on decoration. Resin lamps and iron lamps are more common. Consumers can mix and match according to their personal preferences.
2. Sort by Style
Modern lamps: minimalist, alternative, and trendy. Their materials are generally made of aluminum with a metallic texture, glass with an alternative atmosphere, etc. In terms of appearance and design, alternative expression techniques are mainly used, with white and metal colors being the main colors
European style lamps: Pay attention to the magnificence of curve shape and color, and some lamps may intentionally create a faint spot effect. European lamps are mostly made of resin and iron. Resin lamps have diverse shapes and bright colors: iron and other designs are relatively simple but more textured
American lights: Compared to European lights, American lights still emphasize classical sentiment, but their style and shape are relatively simple, with a simple and generous appearance, and more emphasis on leisure and comfort. Its materials are similar to European lamps, mainly made of resin and iron
Chinese Lantern: The patterns are mostly Chinese elements such as the Qingming Festival Riverside Map, Ruyi Map, Dragon and Phoenix, and Peking Opera Face Hidden. The decoration is mainly made of hollowed out or carved wood. Among Chinese lights, pure Chinese style is more classical, while simple Chinese style only uses a few Chinese elements in decoration
3. Classification by location of use
According to the usage position of lamps, lighting fixtures can be divided into chandeliers, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, desk lamps, mirror headlights, etc.

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